5 Ways Cloud Has Changed The Face Of Businesses

cloud has changed the business

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Even if anyone has very little to do with IT field, they would have heard of the term cloud computing. The reason being, the impact of cloud computing is not limited to a specific industry, scale or region. From a student to business leader, it has made a significant contribution to everyone. Along with serving the individuals, the cloud can also add potential to overall business as well and that too in many ways. Over the years, the cloud has helped the businesses streamline their operations, enhance their productivity, expand their reach.

Let’s discuss these changes in detail:

1. Better control and monitoring of business

Business has been relying on software such as CRMs, ERPs, accounting software, VoIP dialers, etc. since long, but their accessibility was confined to the premises of the local infrastructure. Cloud has got over these limitations and allows the accessibility of the business applications from any location and at any time.

So, the business owners can track and monitor the business performance over different applications by hosting them on the cloud even when they are traveling for family or professional reasons. This benefit is not limited to the business owners only. Even other administrating staff can look after their team and department.

2. Growth in freelancing and outsourcing

Even though freelancing and outsourcing are considered to be affordable solutions, the inability of assurance in timely delivery and regular quality check have been major blocks in the path. Cloud improves the collaboration between different users to get over these blocks. Collaboration with the cloud solutions has taken a giant leap in the recent years.

Over various professional applications, documents, and communication software different users can connect and make changes in real-time. So, businesses can outsource certain operations to experts and still keep a watch over them to get it delivered on time. Being able to look at the progress, they can maintain the quality as well.

3. Businesses going globally even with small budget

Cloud can be accessed over the internet from anywhere. A file that you upload from your PC in Chicago and be accessed by your partner with their tablet in Beijing. The point is that applications, data, and infrastructure can be shared over the cloud. Businesses, especially from IT sector, are able to deliver the services over the globe with comfort.

Social media and search engines are services that rely extensively on the cloud. These services have turned the table for marketing. Single person company operated from home can gain clients from anywhere in the world with these marketing solutions all because of the cloud.

4. Sharing and managing data has never been that easy

Data plays a critical role in decision making and considering the same Big data’s worth was accepted. Then there are certain businesses that rely totally on the data, for example, accounting firms and analytics business. Such businesses operate on the huge amount of digitally stored data, which was considered to be vulnerable to various cyber threats and weaknesses. While cloud eases the sharing of data, as mentioned in above sections, it instantly saves it from the damages concerned with user’s machines as well.

Along with that features such as automated backups, real-time data mirroring, etc. chances of data losses due to server errors or accidental deletion by the user to keep the operations going without interruption.

5. Bringing down infrastructure expenses

Hardware expenses on the businesses have been one of the biggest headaches for the investors. Cloud reduces the requirement of the local hardware and saves the hefty spends on local machines, networking cables, servers, etc. Since cloud supports various OS and devices, you have freedom to pick the end-devices that fit your pocket. As the local hardware is reduced and maintenance is usually delivered by the cloud provider, a business can save big amount on the IT teams.

The most advantageous factor about cloud can be realized when any new technology makes it to the market. While the local hardware is likely to go as a waste in such situation, cloud requires only a change in the plan that may take only a few minutes and fewer dollars.

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