5 Tips To Become An Excellent Team Player At Work


When it comes to hiring, almost every organization seeks “good team players.” Getting along with co-workers is one key aspect for both the employee and employer. A person who is a team player will contribute more to the organization than the one who is not.

Employee’s ability to work better with other people will not only improve the relationship with them but also help the employee perform better and his/her potential as a professional. If you are wondering how to become an excellent team player at work, here are five tips to help you.

1. Lead by Example

This holds true even if you are not the team leader. So, what happens when you set an example for others? The first thing you do is you show your teammates that you are ready to go the extra mile. Secondly, you offer a modest source of inspiration.

In simple words, you need to continue doing your job with sincerity and a touch of passion. To lead by example, you will need to hold yourself to higher standards, a personal one that emanates from the maturity you show in your work environment. Not only are you happy doing the job assigned to you, but also ready to improve in areas where you think you are lacking.

This result of leading by example will lead to others trying to match your level of drive and improving their performance levels.

2. Practice Active Listening

Active listening involves three things. The first one is how to give proper feedback. Rather than just nodding and smiling, try to analyze the posture of the speaker. It will help you better understand how they feel while talking with you. Remember, imitation here is not flattery; it is empathy.

The second thing to do is to ask the right questions, which acts as a proof that you have listened. It also proves that you understood the conversation and hence, are asking the right questions and want to actively enhance your knowledge.

Lastly, try to make sure that you remember what was said. You could try using memorization techniques or just take notes.

Overall, you need to understand that people communicating are awarding you with their focus. They are putting in energy and effort to transmit knowledge, and you should meet this communication in kind. Keep in mind that effective communication is crucial to teams.

3. Always Aim for Consensus

Having a different perspective on the same subject is a plus point. So, why is it right to aim for consensus? Because doing so, saves everybody’s time. The team gets significant productivity hours due to this.

As a team player, you should ensure that you validate consensus because, for teams, the consensus is the anchor without which they would drift away.

Remember, agreeableness is one of the critical features of team players and is known to increase team efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Be Reliable

This a simple task, you don’t have to do something. Instead, you need to avoid doing a few things. First is making promises you can’t keep. Also, if you are unable to do something, don’t say you can or will do it. Tell the truth.

Second, don’t submit sloppy work as the team is counting on you. A good amount of productivity is lost when your team needs to recheck your work.

Last and the most important thing, don’t be ambiguous about your time, and progress. Instead, make clear statements regarding deadlines and limits. If you need something by 5, your team should know it, similar you should deliver the work that is required by someone else before time.

5. Cultivate Team Trust

Developing trust can be a challenge, especially as people are wary of office politics and do not strike a friendship with anyone, especially if you are new in the team. But to be an excellent team player, you should cultivate team trust.

For this, first, assume that everyone is worthy enough to be trusted. This makes open and approachable. Also, being open is a positive emotion, and spreading positivity allows for creativity and innovation, helping the team work more efficiently.


Apart from the tips mentioned above, remember to be sensitive to the feelings as well needs of those you work with. The social element is another crucial element if you want to become an excellent team player.

If your team members are only comfortable interacting with you on a professional basis, they will be less relaxed around you. This can hamper productivity, especially during team tasks.

So, taking part in social activities like team birthdays, parties or just social chat is also very important.

Just keep in mind the tips mentioned above, and you are bound to become an excellent team player at work.

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