Life at RTDS

We believe in providing a relaxed working environment for employees with fun-filled activities and games, rejuvenating them to work harder and better.


Tackling With COVID-19 Outbreak

RTDS understands that the well-being of employees is of the utmost priority, especially during the recent Coronavirus outbreak. We have imposed proper measures to follow Social Distancing protocol, including work-from-home for all our employees while ensuring business continuity.
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World-class Infrastructure

RTDS office architecture is designed to foster innovation and productivity. We make sure that the employees get the best working conditions and high-end workstations with well-distributed seating space.

Fast-Paced Career Growth

RTDS makes it a priority to provide the employees’ with numerous learning opportunities so they can enhance their skills and grow into future industry specialists.

Focus on Training and Development

We make it our priority to give employees the platform to hone their skills and grow into future industry leaders through various domain-specific training programs. We ensure that the employees get recognized through awards and certifications for completing the program.

Training and Development Portal

Convenient and Flexible access to courses as per the convenience of the employee

Training and Development Is Part of KRA and KPI

It is an integral part of Key Responsibility Areas and Key Performance Indicators of our employees

Udemy Partners for Learning and Development

RTDS, in partnership with Udemy, offers more than 3000 courses for learning and development

Collaboration and Idea Pooling

We offer careers that are a series of developmental experiences – each offering an employee the opportunity to acquire new skills, perspectives, and judgment. Our focus has always been to continue innovating and taking the product to the next level.

Credit for Work: Rewards and Recognition

RTDS follows the ‘culture of appreciation,’ which implies that we do not let the hard work, creativity, and innovation of any employee get unnoticed. To ensure the same, we organize Employee Recognition Programs to felicitate the employees.

Fun-filled Sessions and Family Gatherings

We believe that togetherness and team bonding lead to better collaboration between employees. Our family gatherings and fun-filled sessions are an example of the same.

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