Must-Follow Blogs of Call Center Industry

Top 5 Must-Follow Blogs of Call Center Industry

As every business is moving towards the digital transformation, it is important to stay updated with the latest trends for business growth. At this moment, the call center industry is one of the most growing sectors in the market. Call centers use various technologies to boost their performance which ultimately results in business productivity.

Technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), IVR systems, and automatic dialers help call centers to provide seamless services to their customers.

According to Technavio’s report, the global VoIP services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.87% during the period 2017-2021.

There are several platforms that share relevant content and the latest information about the call center industry. Listed below are the top 5 amazing websites which publish valued content regularly related to call center technologies.


ContactCenterWorld is a well-known news website that shares different articles on technology. It not only shares articles on technology but also about events, jobs and other resources related to the contact center. It mostly publishes the contact center industry news such as latest updates, customer experience, customer service and more. It also provides a platform to grow our network and reach out to new people. You can take a membership plan to join the community and be a part of the Contact Center World. Every type of contact center business discussion happens on this platform.


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Call Centre Helper

Call Centre Helper is one of the most famous call center news magazine that writes about various call center technologies such as VoIP, AI, IVR and many more. It organises webinars and conferences related to the new technologies launched.


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In the contact center world, ICMI is the website that is entirely focused on empowering contact centers for over 30 years. It provides call center insights that help to measure call center’s performance.  It provides the training details for various categories such as call center, virtual reality, and many more.

Other than training, it also provides the latest updates of the events happening in different countries related to call center, customer service, or business communication. It is the most growing platform in the call center industry.



CallCenterHosting writes on call center technologies and shares the best practices for call centers. This website is a reliable source of call center information which helps you to find a best-suited solution for your business.

Along with the information related to call centers, it also provides call center services such as call center dialers, VoIP solutions, and inbound and outbound call center facility. It offers a complete call center suite for every type of industry, big or small.


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TechTarget is another well-known call center information website which helps to improve customer relationship management and provides business insights. It is the latest news update website covering all the domains such as call center, CRM software, CRM management, marketing, and other most recent technologies.


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Do you know some other platforms that offer insights about the call center industry? Let us know in the comments section.

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