Holi Celebrations at RTDS

India is a multicultural land with lots of festivals celebrated round the year. Among numerous festivals, Holi is one of the most celebrated.

Holi celebrates the arrival of spring and the end of winter. It also signifies the victory of good over evil. Holi is a festival to forget and forgive, play, laugh and dance.

One of the many perks of working at Real Time Data Services (RTDS) is the enthusiasm and spirit of enjoying every festival like one united family. Real Time Data Services (RTDS) brings the festival spirit of playing colors and indulge in the activities to enjoy the most fun-filled festival.



#1 Fun, Décor & Dress Code

This year the dress code for the day was ethnic. Everyone was dressed in bright colored Indian ethnic apparels. Whole office and workstations were decorated with flowers, decorative garlands, and hangings of holi slogans like – Holi Hai, Drink Bhang & Save Water, Eco-friendly Holi, The Big Bhaang Theory.

Employees were posing for a photo shoot using different props such as – colorful hats, sunglasses and selfie frames.

#2 Festival of Color & Games

A small holi party begun with the ritual of applying colors to everyone with organic and skin-friendly colors made of natural ingredients like flowers and plants since RTDS take care of nature and their employees alike.

Soon fun games begun such as Tambola, Guess Who and What’s My Name. All the employees got divided into different teams. The winning team of each game was, then, awarded gifts and sweets.

#3 Exciting gifts and Food

Towards the evening, the entire office came together for a potluck party. Eatable items and other gifts were distributed among all the employees to cherish the fun of the festival.

With this, one more fun day was captured to remember and mark in the memories forever.

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