Does Your Business Needs VoIP?


business needs voip

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If you are confused whether your business needs VoIP or not then consider the following questions:

  • Do you need a better connectivity for your staff?
  • Does your business need better marketing solutions?
  • Do you wish to entertain the incoming customer calls 24×7 without deploying any staff?
  • Do you or your staff travel frequently and require to remain on calls?
  • Do you wish to connect with client globally without setting up a branch there?

If you answered any of these questions in affirmative then your business needs VoIP – no matters the size of your business. Be it a single person owned retail shop or an MNC with its branches in every continent, VoIP can serve almost everyone with several of its communication services.

To understand the potential of VoIP for a business, let’s explore the different services and how they assist businesses:

1. Business Phone

Business phone holds responsibility for business success for it manages most of the communications between different parties. VoIP offers features, such as – uninterrupted HD quality calls, call distribution to right destinations, call conference, call recording, etc. for business phone to upgrade the overall communication experience. Such streamlined connectivity solution ensures that operations are maintained and executed with ease.

2. PBX

Private Branch Exchange or PBX is a VoIP-based service that connects different departments and staff of the business. Getting PBX hosted in the cloud, you can even connect different branches on the same network to connect by extension dialing. The best part is that internal business calls remain completely free. So your staff can interact for business needs without worrying about expenses.

Even small businesses that rely on agents working from the remote location can deploy this service.

3. Toll-Free Numbers

One of the most popular VoIP services, Toll-Free Numbers allow the customers to call businesses without paying anything. Such services invite more calls not only because they do not cost the customers, but also induce a positive vibe for the brand. Overall, it can improve your conversion rate considerably.

4. Virtual and Local Numbers

Local numbers assure the customers that your business is more reachable, which can build up the trust for you and eventually help in sales. With VoIP, you can get virtual and local numbers active within minutes for any location and receive the call on those numbers at your office situated at a completely different location. So, your business can establish a virtual reach to every market of the world.

5. Call Center Setups

Call Centers have been revolutionary for the business. VoIP brings another revolution within call center with its features and quality. Services and products that are required at the call center, such as – dialers, CRM integrations, lead status tracking, automatic call distribution, remote agent monitoring, etc. come wrapped with VoIP simplify the operations and improve the conversion.

6. Internet Fax

Even with falling popularity, fax service makes a great utility for the businesses, but the expenses of purchasing and maintaining a fax machine can challenging for small businesses. Going with VoIP powered internet fax, one can receive and send the fax over email. The files are received as attachments in PDF format. So, you can even stay on top of faxes using your phone.

7. Unified Communications

Voice call has been supporting the businesses in many ways, but it gets even better when it supports other communication platforms. With video calls, document sharing, etc. can get more convenience for the users with the voice interaction active. Since VoIP is integrable with such services to enable unification of communication your business can get a lot of out it with strategic implementation.

8. Analytics and Reporting

VoIP can integrate your voice communication with CRM, ERP, dialer, accounting software, etc., where a lot of important data is collected. With this integration and it’s availability over remote locations, business owners can track the updated reports at will. Depending on the VoIP service portal that you go with, the organization of data on the dashboard may vary, but it will always be handy for analyzing the business better.

Final Note

The article mentions a number of services that depend on VoIP and can better your business in different ways. Now there are different factors depending on which you can choose a VoIP service for your business. The number of employees, industry to which your business belongs, regions in which your customers reside, etc. are some of the factors that you can consider to pick a suitable VoIP service.

For example, a handmade jewelry designer based in India with his customer base in the USA can do well with a virtual number while an MNC that serves global customers will need business phone service, hosted PBX, or a call center setup. So, the point is the VoIP can support almost everyone, but the right practice of implementation will depend on the unique needs of your business.

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