Certifications in Cloud Industry

Certifications To Get Your Career Kickstarted in Cloud Industry

From serious business management applications to personal entertainment services, almost every industry is moving towards the cloud solutions. With dedicated cloud-based solutions for different industries still being refined for better, the growth potential of cloud is massive – not just for cloud service providers, but also for professionals associated with them.

Career in Cloud Industry
Career in Cloud Industry


Several studies and surveys are indicating the growth of jobs in the cloud arena, but the industry holds a strange scare in form of employee shortage. According to NASSCOM and McKinsey’s report “Perspective 2020: Transform Business, Transform India” published in 2009, employability of graduates is low and could face a shortage by almost 3.5 million. Considering that India employees a large percentage of global IT jobs, such figures are scary on the global scale. So, what could be done to bridge the gap?

To bridge such gaps, there are a number of professional courses available that specializes in the cloud industry. They can provide a ready-for-job training that improves the employability. Also, as most of the leading cloud service providers are providing these certifications and training, the quality standards can be considered reliable. Here are some of the leading cloud computing certification courses that can be helpful in grabbing a fine cloud computing career.

Certificates In Cloud Industry
Certificates In Cloud Industry

Cloud Certifications from Google

Cloud Architecture
The certification course is designed to train the professional on planning, designing, and setting up the cloud architecture for organizations in a way that it can optimize several business processes.

Data Engineer
Data engineer certification from Google is intended to deliver professional training on collecting and utilizing the data for a data-driven decision making.

G Suite Administrator
Administration of G Suite, the cloud-based business application package, can be perfected with the certification course. Various G Suite administration tasks, such as – defining user policies, adding/removing them, monitoring and reporting activities, etc. are learned in the course.

Check more details here – Google Cloud Certifications.

AWS Certifications on Cloud

AWS Certified Solutions Architect
The certification builds the technical specialization of the professional in design and development of the fault tolerant systems on Amazon Web Service (AWS).

AWS Certified Developer
The course gives the guidance on the expertise of maintaining AWS-based applications and generally recommended for candidates with hands-on experience on such applications.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
Recommended for candidates with more than a year of experience on AWS-based applications, the course trains on the operational and administrative usage of the platform.

Check more details here – AWS Cloud Certifications.

Popular Microsoft Azure Certifications for Cloud

Microsoft Technology Associate
The course offers training on a number of technical aspects and fundamentals concerned with cloud services offered by Microsoft.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
This highly recommended course for the entry-level professionals that can help in the IT jobs. It adds skills on the new technologies that are making way into the market.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
This course is usually opted by the professionals with certain experience in the industry and helps in gaining the knowledge building solutions on the cloud (and even on-premise).

Check more details here – Microsoft Azure Certifications.

Cloud Certification by IBM

Get started with API Connect
The course delivers an introduction to using IBM Bluemix for quick creation of APIs, along with controlling various of its operations over IBM API Connect.

Create Python apps with IBM Watson and IBM Bluemix
The course is meant for Python developers to understand the methods of implementing the services of Watson with their applications.

IBM Blockchain for developers
This course from IBM train on utilizing the blockchain and chaincode technology for different business networks. The course can go well even for professionals with little knowledge on blockchain.

Optimize Java apps on IBM Cloud
The course is intended to serve the high-level Java application developers, who are willing to understand data and operational services related with IBM Bluemix.

Bluemix essentials
To learn the development with the cloud service, IBM Bluemix, professionals are suggested to go with the cloud. Integrating APIs, learning DevOps tools, etc. are some of the teachings that this course offers.

Cloud application developer certification preparation
The course is specifically designed for the learning the development on IBM Cloud using the hands-on exercises, etc. Generally, it is recommended for professionals with basic experience on IBM Bluemix.

Check more details here – IBM Cloud Certifications.

Cloud Certifications Offered by VMware

Data Center Virtualization
To gain the expertise over the VMware vSphere environments for various operations, such as – designing, installation, management, etc., the courses available in the segment are highly recommended.

Network Virtualization Certifications
Courses available in the vertical are focused on training the candidates for the specialization on VMware NSX environment that concerns with the networking for virtualization needs.

Cloud Management and Automation
VMware vRealize, a cloud management suite, can be mastered for various organizational requirements for operation automation and management.

Desktop and Mobility
The course guide on the deployment of VMware Horizon, a platform for virtual desktops and applications, on the VMware Sphere.

Check more details here – VMware Certifications.

Final Note:

Along with the certifications offered by the leading players in the cloud industry, there are a number of other platforms as well that you can choose to kickstart a career in the cloud. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offered by online providers can also turn out to be a great help. That said, it is the expertise that matters to deliver the job, which comes with the experience of the services along with the guidance. As the products are changing and arriving at a rapid pace in the cloud vertical, ensure that you are learning the latest solutions to stay in the race for long.

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