Beg, Borrow, Steal – A Fun Friday Event at RTDS

“Employees are the happiest on Fridays.”
– Mokokoma 


Do you know what’s best about working at corporate companies? It’s the work environment and team culture. A good company culture leads only to one thing – satisfied employees. It contributes to bind and hold them as the company together. It creates positive values, shared set of beliefs, and behaviors among the teams.

Fun Friday at RTDS

People at RTDS work whole week with full commitment, but as the Friday approaches, the fun mode turns onEvery Friday at RTDS is a Fun Friday. Leaving behind the stress of deadlines and workload, the employees participate in the event with full enthusiasm. Everyone ended up having the best of the times with their colleagues.


This Friday the HR department organized a game by the name – “Beg, Borrow and Steal.”

The employees were asked to get together in the team of six members each two days prior. HR team communicated rules and other information at regular intervals to create a tempo among the waiting employees. As soon as the announcement was made that the game will begin within a few minutes, all glued to their screens, waiting for the game to start.


The fun started as soon as the list of items were emailed to the team leaders. All got excited and started rushing to beg, borrow and steal the things listed in the email.

Exciting List

The list provided was an interesting one. Some objects were unusually funny such as Sock with a hole, Swiggy/Zomato tape, pink post-it note, and an orange. Also, a few interesting ones were like – group photo with someone in yellow, red shoes, blue scrunchy and many more.

There was chaos mixed with excitement as few were exchanging the favors, some were borrowing, and many were stealing the things. All wanted to collect as many items as they can in the least time to win the game. As a reward, exciting gifts were arranged for the top three teams.

The humorous part of the game was some of the people forgot that from whom they have begged, borrowed or stolen the material after the game.
Finally, the game wrapped with three winning teams which claimed to collect more than 40 items.

With this, one more fun day was captured in memories of RTDS.



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