Being Creative

5 Signs You are a Highly Creative Being

Creativity itself doesn’t have any parameter to be judged. If it’s there, it becomes visible in the work of an individual or the way one sets priorities in life. A painter is different from a normal individual because the way he looks at things and creates his expression through his work. The factor that creates difference in the views of two individual is ‘creativity’.

Although there are no parameters to measure the creative aspect of an individual but you can judge if a person is creative with the help of some visible signs.


A person with a lot of valid questions about nature and the world around, looks for the ways to find the respective answers. The process of looking for those answers comprises the development in the individual’s understanding.

A creative brain has a lot of questions in it. And this inherent creativity decides how an individual makes an effort to find those answer that eventually lead to some meaningful results. Newton was curious about the apple’s fall. It was his creativity that gave us the gravitational theory.


We express what we think through words, voice or gestures. A creative mind has many other ways to make such an expressions. It could be a work of painting, a song, a poem or a work of fiction. True expression is a result of total understanding.

The clarity of thoughts decides how appreciable and understandable the creative expression is. A creative mind looks for a medium of expression that can exactly convey the thoughts and make it visible to the viewer so that an expression could be felt, seen or heard in the same way as it came into existence of the creator.


While working if you lose the track of time, this is an example of sheer involvement. Creativity seeks involvement and the end result depends on its intensity. If you can do what you like doing with an utter involvement then the creative cells of the brain stay active and produce best results.

Most of the creative people in the past honed their skills and used their talents with an unflinching involvement in their work. We all know about Nikola Tesla who used to work in his laboratory relentlessly.


A creative mind has great sense of observation. What a creative mind can see may not be visible to normal eyes. For example, the shape of a cloud can be an inspiration to a painter or a poet but to others it is just a cloud.

Having a personal perspective of things and looking at them with a different eye lead to true observation. James Watt had great observation when he saw the tea kettle bubbling up with the steam. His observation led to the invention of steam engine.

True Self

A creative person does what he finds true to himself without being influenced by the society or people around and they almost often refer to their inner self. The core of their true being. In other words, a creative mind listens to its inner calling.

But giving shape to one’s creative ideas is all about going beyond the usual and create something that is never seen before. It takes a lot of courage to go beyond what is already there. Wright brothers were selling bicycles before inventing the aircraft. They found what was their inner drive and worked on it. The end result gave wings to us humans.

Some people have an inherent talent, others can develop one. Both kind of individuals have to nurture it and creativity is the factor that helps. With the help of these signs you can easily zero in the creativity in a person as well as in yourself.

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