Must-Read Blogs For Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Must-Read Blogs For Entrepreneurs

An essential code to be successful as an entrepreneur is most importantly your inner drive and appetite. It’s not something you can study and learn. But if you have these things in place, you can master everything that relates to business.

To help you understand these codes, many investors, marketing experts, and thriving entrepreneurs have penned their personal experiences — successes and failures  — that have helped them in their business. Whether you’re in the early stages of your startup or looking for some motivation and inspiration to progress – these blogs are must-reads for you.

Let’s dive in and check them out!

1. Seth’s Blog

This entrepreneur and best-selling author’s blog is for those who want quick bites of entrepreneurship tips, daily motivation and more. His blogs are called “wisdom-mines.”  The tips mentioned are fruitful for small business owners and startup founders.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk’s Blog

Gary’s blog is a box of treasure comprising of motivational videos, pieces of advice on business, digital media and entrepreneurship. It is woven with exciting and helpful tidbits of his background and out of the box business ideas.

3. The 4-Hour Workweek

A top-rated blog of a renowned author and investor  —  Tim Ferriss  —  has the rank #1 podcast show on iTunes with the name “The Tim Ferriss Show”. He is also an early stage investor and advisor for companies like Uber, facebook, and Shopify.

4. Ace Cloud Hosting’s Blog

It is your go-to place if you want to learn all about cloud hosting and how it is beneficial for a business of every scale whether an SMB or an enterprise. It also reviews and explains hosted accounting software’s benefits and problems.  It is focused on CPAs and accounting firms.

5. Women On Business’s Blog

Women on Business is a crucial source for women entrepreneurs that aspire to learn A to Z  of business and startups. It has everything that a startup founder would require to gain, from formulating an expedient business design to discovering startup insurance, accounting, and more.

6. Both Sides of the Table

A VC and a former entrepreneur, Mark Suster has founded companies and has a lot of experience in various business situations that range from successful startups to massive failures. His blog consists of a variety of business and entrepreneur concepts which have been broken down in such an efficient way that can even be understood by a newbie.

7. Entrepreneur

Famously called as the source of entrepreneurial knowledge for small business, Entrepreneur magazine offers everything from advice and insights to profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs.

8. The Entrepreneurial Mind

A professor of entrepreneurship and a serial entrepreneur himself, Dr Jeff Cornwall’s blog is packed with advice and insights on starting and growing a new business. It explains in detail about important business aspects such as “when to fire a customer,” “when to pivot your business model” and tips on raising capital. He also sheds light on building a business model which can transform the industry and personal finances.

9. focuses on problems that startups and businesses face. It has articles on the common situation faced by startups such as startup mistakes and failures, entrepreneurship. Moreover, interviews of famous and successful entrepreneurs and startups are also present on the website to help the budding startup owners.

10. Forbes

Forbes is one of the top-rated sources of frequently updated information in the world of finance, investments, fundings, and marketing. It also offers a lot of information which is useful for any entrepreneur during their journey. Their “Entrepreneurs playlist” is also widely appreciated.


11. Small Business Trends

As the name suggests, Small Business Trends is a widely renowned website for advice, news, and tips related to small businesses. Articles about “unpredictable business future” or “social media posts to steal for your brand” are widely popular.

Do you know any other blogs which can help entrepreneurs in their journey? Let us know in the comments section.

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