Cloud Computing and Digital India

How Cloud is Making Digital India Mission a Success

Ever since cloud has come into existence, its influence has grown to touch many meaningful aspects of day to day living. Be it communication or accounting, networking or medicine, cloud has produced powerful and sustainable results.

Various industries in India have also been influenced by cloud technology because it has delivered greater business effectiveness at a much lesser cost.  In the same context, the digital India mission has also been benefitted by cloud technology since its launch in the year 2015.

But if we precisely speak about cloud communication, cloud has turned out to be a promising link between the digital India mission and its lasting success.

Collaboration through Communication

Cloud-based communication brings many opportunities to collaborate with each other on a single platform. Cloud communication solutions such as cloud PBX are easy to install and there are no limitations to the number of extensions.

Moreover, it also supports the inclusion of remote workers who are located at various locations. So, the biggest advantage that comes with cloud is to keep the whole team on a single page and to tackle any complicated issue; experts can be roped in without many efforts.

The problems the new India is facing should be approached cumulatively and with a touch of expertise. That’s how the most challenging problems need to be addressed in making digital India a success.

Accessible Information

The biggest transformation that the digital India mission has introduced is the consolidation of individuals’ information at one place using unique ID.

Cloud technology adds to it as every bit of information stored on cloud can be accessed from anywhere after permission. Information that is necessary to share between a business and its customers.

Since digital India has supported SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) and startups, where businesses try to connect and reconnect with prospective customers to convey some information about the product or services.

Cloud communication solutions have made it a lot easier to start a virtual call center without any need for infrastructure because only a continuous communication with the customers can lead to understanding their needs in a better way and deliver the best possible solution to them regularly.

These ideas themselves support the digital India mission in an effective way because it’s all about making a digital platform when key information is available at the right time. Because today people are using devices well-equipped to access information.

Control over Shareable Data

Safety and control of the shareable data become a concern because if the shareable data is not secure from any type of breach, the faith behind the technology governing it gradually vanishes away. But cloud has managed to maintain the faith in its users so far. Because it has provided purposeful avenues to make communication.

Banking and finance sectors are good examples, where agents try to outreach a good number of customers on a daily basis, and it becomes a tough call to connect with them fruitfully because, at the receiving end, customers find it involuntary and intruding.

Solutions like cloud-based outbound dialers and voice broadcasting help in outreaching the masses with certain expected results. In digital India, improved communication has become an important proposition to sustain growth.

Moreover, there are many such agricultural portals that are providing some purposeful consultation to the farmers through live chat app. Farmers can also get assistance through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in their local language.

The idea of digital India is to make the most out of the available resources and communicate the needs to the authority or person who has the solution. And if it happens digitally, it is reliable, safe and fast.

Changing Demands

India is a country of changing demands, and it is highly suggestive to go for a technology that is flexible and scalable in nature. Cloud fulfills both the criteria and when it comes to communication, cloud delivers on the basis of existing needs.

For example, cloud doesn’t have any limitation on the number of extensions, and it can scale as per the need and the volume of calls. The feature of computer telephony integration (CTI) enables a user to make or receive calls from the desktop. More number of people are getting acquainted with computers and its various uses to communicate.

Even other handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets have become a part of every household. Almost every smartphone user is on cloud because they have an account on Google.

In this scenario, the cloud-based communication is an unavoidable medium to help complete the mission of digital India.

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